Our Award Winning Maple Syrup, Maple Candy and Maple Cream

2012 Class winner for Vermont Maple Cream at the Vermont Farm Show


North American Maple Council Award

For three consecutive years we have won the "Medal of Excellence" award which is awarded by the International Maple Syrup Institute, which is a group that represents all of the states and provinces in the maple industry. This award is presented to the person whose maple syrup has been tested for purity, grade and quality making sure that it meets the highest standards of the maple industry. We are very proud that our family here at Vermont Maple Outlet has won this prestigious award three times. Our family had been producing pure Vermont maple syrup for over 100 years and our sons will begin the 8th generation. This award just goes to show that we are still producing the "best" maple syrup you have ever tasted.

Other Recognitions for Quality Maple Syrup, Maple Candy and Maple Cream

We have received numerous other ribbons for excellence throughout the years not only for our prize winning maple syrup but also for our maple candy and maple cream. Our maple candy and maple cream are made fresh right here in our candy kitchen with our own maple syrup produced in our sugarbush. We are proud to have won ribbons of excellence at the statewide Maple Festival and numerous other local fairs held throughout our state each year. We're proud to be producing our own quality maple products and know that if you try some you won't be disappointed.